118 - 7 facts

I got tagged by Henna; I have to tell 7 facts about me and then tag 7 bloggers. So here we go!

1. I'm bad at wearing accesories.
I know it might not sound that big, but it's a problem for me! I can't find any good accesories, I don't really know what I'm looking for :D Place for improvement.

2. I dream about living in Japan.
A stupid dream, and it's never going to happen. And I know it. I still dream about it.

3. I'm lazy.
I always leave everything for the last minute - even though I know it would be better if I made everything before I need to hurry it. Again, a place for improvement.

4. I'd like to buy a perfect outfit.
I mean, all pieces at the same time. From underwear to accesories.

5. I studied hairdressing a year and still can't do my own hair.
It's always messy and ugly, curls flatten etc.. It's like I didn't learn anything !

6. I don't know how to sew with a sewing machine.
I got one as a birthday present months ago, only to unpack it yesterday. I have to study it and start with little things... I'm bad at starting.

7. I hate to watch films alone.
I can't concentrate on them and usually stop watching them halfway through. It's like, I need someone to share expressions with and say a few words every now and then...
Ok and now onto the tagging..hmmm

Beatiful Blogger awards go to:

just 4 today, ladies..

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