174 - Berlin again

Meidän luokka oli opintomatkalla Berliinissä maanantaista lauantaihin, eli 7.-12.3. Iso osa ajasta meni kouluhommiin, mutta onneksi jäi myös aikaa shoppailuun yms kiertelyyn. En myöskään ehtinyt ottaa kauheesti kuvia, enkä laita kenestäkään luokkalaisesta tunnistettavia kuvia, mut tässä nyt jotain:

Our class went on a schooltrip to Berlin on this weeks Mon to Sat, that is 7th to 12th March. Most of the time was spent with school stuff but fortunately we also had time to go shopping and sightseeing. I didn't have time to take photos too much and won't post photos of my classmates but here's some pics:

We stayed at the Generator Hostel. It was okay, though some of the people were too noisy at night and I didn't sleep well during the whole trip.. This is a view from our window. I shared the room with Suski, Kaisa and Oona, so there wasn't too many of us in the same room.

On Tuesday, great weather on Alexanderplatz ♥

My peppermint hot chocolate and Suski's Fanta and coffee outside Dunkin' Donuts on Alexanderplatz. It was already afternoon, but the weather was lovely and so warm ! A great feel of spring ♥

Me promoting the hot chocolate in the sunshine...

Branderburger Tor at sunset. Pretty! ♥

My soup with chili and lemon at a vietnamese restaurant.

Waiting a tram to get back to the hostel (its comiiing).

On Friday I forgot my camera at the hostel, and I really wanted to take photos then... 

On plane, heading back home. It was deppressing to see the winter in Finland again, compared to the spring in Berlin!

En ostellu paljon mitään, koska en lähteny tonne tarkotuksena shoppailu. Vähän tietysti piti kaupoissa kävästä, löytyi vähän koruja, lehtiä, uus laukku ja pari vaatetta.

I didn't buy much, I didn't think of it as a shopping trip. Of course I had to go to some stores and got myself some jewelry, magazines, a new bag and some clothes.

JELLY March and KERA February issues from Neo Tokyo.

Bag from NewYorker. I was in a real need of a new bag, I hope this one lasts longer than my previous one...

A winter jacket from NewYorker, this was only 9,95€ ♥♥♥ Have been looking for something like this. Bad pic cause not wearing any makeup, sorry.

Union Jack t-shirt with studs, also from NewYorker...

Wing earrings from Claire's. I also bought a necklace with similiar wing at Tally Weijl, but I couldn't find it yet from my still unpacked suitcase...

Mojito flavored chewing gum, yummeee!

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